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There is a perception that Andaman is coloured only in blue and it is the blue sea and white sands that are the only companions of blue sky but green is coloured in the lofty mountains of Andaman which is unknown to many. Other than marine creatures, rich flora and fauna are explored in the lands of Andaman. Andaman forest trekking is commenced from the rocky terrains, rough trekking trails of Mount Harriet to Madhuban, a 16-kilometre trek at South Andaman. Saddle peak, being the highest peak of Andaman with an elevation of 732 meters above sea level, its dense forest offers the spectacular vision of valleys, and also there are huts, benches kept for taking a repose. Andaman forest trekking may extend up to a week depending upon the extent of adventure a traveller seeking for or according to the tour packages of Andaman. Watch of wild creatures, exotic varieties of flora and fauna, tranquil water bodies, and chirruping of birds are the gift of a trekking in Andaman. Guided trekking is offered to the avid adventurers and Chidiya tapu is the bird’s paradise where trekking is made possible, finally to reach Kalapahad. Another trekking trail is from Havelock passing through the mangrove meshes to reach Elephant beach. Andaman archipelago is rich in unique wild fauna hidden deep in the thick forests of mountains.

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