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The specialty is that, here the coral reefs and underwater formation are undamaged by human activity. For adventure lovers there is no greater adventure than diving. Whether one is a novice or one had been diving to fathoms, there is always something new, fascinating or challenging about venturing into the water world. Your mind could be mesmerized by clouds of colorful fishes, your curiosity aroused by the mysterious remains of sunken ships or your creativity invoked by the art of underwater photography. One’s diving interest may range from a casual pastime pursued on vacation to a constant passion or even a professional career. Diving offers something unique to everyone. Diving in Andaman and Nicobar islands is exceptional. The costal belt surrounding these islands is the abode of one of the richest coral reef ecosystems in the world. The distinction is that here the coral reefs and underwater formations are untouched by human activities. The best season for diving is considered between December and April.

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